Star Power Guide – How To Unlock & Which Ones Are The Best

The Star Power is the last piece to make a brawler as strong as possible, enhancing the brawler with a permanent bonus.

Some Star Power are very useful and will make your brawler a lot better compared to the same level brawler that hasn’t got the Star Power – while others aren’t that useful.

In this guide I want to give you all you need to know about the Star Power in general, how to get a Star Power for a certain brawler or in general faster plus my personal recommendations which Star Powers are a absolute must-have.

Let’s go.

How To Unlock Star Powers Faster In Brawl Stars

Here’s my general guide that will help you unlock the Star Powers quite well without spending any money on it – and in average you should be able to get one new Star Power within 2 weeks (when taking the drop rate and how much boxes you can get with it – token doubler or boxes you buy with gems are not included in this calculation and will speed up the progress obviously).

If you have a brawler at Level 9, you can find a Star Power with about 1% chance from every box you will open. When you will get one and you have multiple brawler that don’t have all of their Star Powers unlocked yet, you will randomly get one of those that you’re missing.

brawl stars all star powers

So here’s the best system to use to make sure you will get those Star Powers and no matter at what point in the game you are, simply apply it 🙂

Get 1 Brawler To Level 9

The first thing to do is to level up one of your brawlers to Level 9 as fast as you can!

Each box you will unlock before you have a brawler at that level might contain a Star Power that you don’t get because you have no unlocked Star Ppowers available!

So, do this as fast as possible (ideally with a brawler you like playing of course) and also get Power Points from the shop for Coins – I know this is not recommended in general but in this case it’s more useful than saving the Coins – and also the Star Points from the Trophy Road.

get power points from the brawl stars shop

Also try not to spend Coins on leveling up any other brawler to save all the coins you have to level that first brawler to Level 9 and get the Power Points from the shop.

Bonus Tip! If you haven’t unlocked more than 5 or 6 brawlers yet, try to save up some boxes to open for the Star Power later and focus on the Power Points in the shop, you often get sweet offers with like 200 or 300 or even more Power Points there.

Don’t Buy The Star Power From The Shop

Once you got your first brawler you can now get the Star Power from boxes so now it’s time to open all the boxes you have saved up for now – sometimes you’re lucky enough and unlock it quite fast.

When you have done that and you didn’t get the Star Power, DO NOT GET IT FROM THE SHOP!!!

I know it’s tempting but it will cost you 2,000 Coins and you will need those Coins to level up your next brawler to Level 9!

Show some patience here and I guarantuee you it will be faster in the end than rushing it.

The only exception is when you have more than one brawler at Level 9 at this point and still wait for the Star Power and have a lot of Coins (more than 3,000 or so).

If you buy the Star Power earlier you’re again in the state where you could miss a Star Power from a box because you don’t have any unlocked Star Power and that’s what you want to avoid at any cost 😉

Tickets > Token Doubler > Mega Boxes

Each box you open can contain Gems and you will get some with every day you play Brawl Stars.

If you really want to get the most out of it, spend those on the Tickets for events – you can get 60 Tickets for 80 Gems and you can use them in events like Robo Rumble to turn them into 1,500 to 1,800 token easily. That’s two Mega Boxes but a lot higher chances to unlock the Star Power from these boxes.


While you wait for your next Star Power it’s time to work on the next brawler that you want to get to Level 9.

You can now take some more time until you unlock the Star Power for your previous brawler and don’t really need to rush that much. Only level the next brawler up fast once you have all possible Star Powers for (all) your brawlers at Level 9 unlocked.

You can also wait at Level 8 when you want to make sure that you want the Star Power for the previous brawler more than for the brawler you’re leveling up right now.

Here’s the whole system repeats over and over again and makes sure that you won’t miss any Star Power and to not get any Star Power that you don’t want 🙂

So much for the system to get Star Power unlocked, now let’s have a look at the Star Powers that are worth unlocking.

Which Star Powers Are Good?

Here’s my personal list of Star Powers and I also update it frequently after each update to keep it up to date with the current meta and balancing changes and the new Star Powers that are released.

Please mind – This ranked list is more like which Star Powers are really useful rather than want to give you an order in which you should unlock them, With every balancing change this list can change drastically so more use it as a general idea than a static recommendation for your game progress 😉

#1 – Darryl

Although Darryl is not a very strong brawler in total, his Star Power is the strongest because it will give him a 40% damage reduction shield during his super when he gets close to an enemy brawler (what you normally do with his super anyway) – looking at all Star Power in Brawl Stars, this one will give the highest boost.

#2 – Rosa

It’s not like Rosa is pretty hard to kill already, but her Star Power will give her some extra healing when she’s in tall grass! This got nerfed a few times but still will give her an extra boost and helps her healing up quicker by diving into the tall grass – extremely strong!

#3 – Jessie

Jessie’s Star Power will give her the ability to heal her turret up with her regular shots and this will give it a lot more durability in many situations where enemy brawler take longer to take it down and get extra damage for that action. Really useful.

#4 – Bo

You will get extra view range when you’re in tall grass and this is even shared with your team makes – extremely powerful on maps that have a lot of tall grass because you can also spot enemy brawlers when they can’t see you (also useful in showdown where many brawlers camp there). Get it if you play Bo, that’s all I can tell you 🙂

#5 – Piper

You will get a huge damage boost when you fire your shots out of a bush and this is a big difference. You might think you can’t use it that often because you won’t be hanging around in the grass much with Piper due to her huge range anyway, but especially in game modes like showdown or bounty this is really helpful.

#6 – Shelly

You can slow down enemies with your Star Power and this is really useful because her damage output is really high and most enemies can just flee from her to save themselves – with her Star Power this is getting more difficult and you can catch up to them and keep them in your range and take them down more easily.

#7 – Poco

With his Star Power Poco can also heal team mates with normal hits, not only with his super. This gives him a lot more flexibility even though the heal is with 500 not the absolutely strongest but when places on both team mates it will make a benefit in some situations.

#8 – Pam

Pam’s Star Power makes her an even better support brawler because each hit will heal herself and close team mates for 30 hitpoints. This doesn’t sound much but look at how many she shoots to make this happen a lot. I would place this even higher but as Pam always tries to stay away from the action the heal won’t happend that much in reality on team mates but that would make her too strong anyway 🙂

#9 – Ricochet

The more often your projectiles bounce off walls, the more damage they will deal. If you like playing him you will like this because you will bounce your bullets anyway as much as you can to reach your target and this will give you a nice boost.

#10 – Mortis

If you kill another brawler you will gain instant 1,400 health and this is a strong Star Power, for sure. With Mortis you’re normally in close combat a lot of time and the agro brawler and this extra healing comes in handy a lot. If you like playing Mortis make sure to get it.

#11 – Leon

Leons Star Power will make him gain some extra speed when using his super that makes him invisible – and it’s useful for sure because you can now even reach brawlers that you couldn’t reach before. I didn’t rank this higher on the list because normally you pick closer targets anyway so in reality I only really use it defensively to get away.

#12 – Carl

carlCarl is able to let his axe travel faster with his Star Power and this really makes a difference. You will need to adapt a little bit and need to start getting a feeling to time his throws again but it will boost your damage. It’s not higher on the list because the slower axe is also useful to hit enemies around obstacles or to take cover while still keeping an area occupied that now is “free” again faster.

#13 – Bull

When Bull gets lower than 30%, his Star Power let him reload faster and you will really like it if you play Bull a lot – and I have the feeling that this makes the difference in some situations where you go in those 1-on-1 close fights where an extra shot can save you and take your opponent down faster.

#14 – Colt

His Star Power makes him faster all the time and he will move more like Leon. This sounds great and is good if you like to play him but with Colts range you normally won’t have many problems with speed and won’t get that much better results with him just because he move a few percent faster.

#15 – Bibi

When her knockback ability is fully loaded, Bibi will gain some extra speed and this comes on very handy to hunt down brawlers like Dynamike, Barley or others as well. I really like it in general but it’s sometimes difficult to mind the differences in movement speed and hitting once will make you slower again which sometimes leads to bad actions.

#16 – El Primo

You will set your targets on fire and deal 800 extra damage over the next seconds when hitting an enemy brawler with your super. In general quite good, who minds extra damage? 😉 For me personally not the most useful one because when you hit an anemy brawler with El Primo’s super he is done anyway or you will die from it.

#17 – Spike

Spikes Star Power let’s him heal himself for 500 health when he stands in the area of his own super – for me a nice thing to do to use the super defensively but normally you will throw it into the area where many enemy brawlers are and that’s not the area you want to be or you will get taken down really fast.

#18 – Barley

You will heal for 300 health when you hit a target – actually a nice addition and it’s completely passive. In my opinion only useful if you’re one of the players that live playing Barley. In reality you will not use that heal that much. It can’t save you when an enemy brawler attempts you, you will go down fast and these small healings won’t save you from that.

#19 – Brock

brockThe place where your rockets hit will leave a fire that will deal additional damage in that spot, like Barleys bottles (but smaller and less damage). This sounds nice and helpful but my problem with this Star Power is that enemies need to stay in that small area and I don’t know many players in Brawl Stars that don’t move around 😛

#20 – Dynamike

Probably the Star Power that makes most fun out of all, because you will be able to jump over walls when you have it 🙂 Sounds fun and useful but I only see people doing this for fun rather than using it to escape or in any other tactical situation.

#21 – Gene

Gene will heal team mates next to him for 200 health per second when they recieve any damage. Also sounds better than it is because the heal is not taking that much effect when you look at the fact that each many brawlers hit like a truck and take far more than 1,000 health with a single strike – if the healing would be more I might have it on a higher place 🙂

#22 – Nita

nitaAnother Star Power that sounds nice when reading it but doesn’t do that much on reality – you think that healing yourself when your bear hits any target or healing the bear when you hit a target will be nice to stay alive and go though the enemy line. In reality you won’t benefit that much from it and your bear will go down fast while you are not in a real action situation anyway. To go along with your bear into close combat the healing is simply not strong enough to give you a real benefit.

#23 – Frank

When killing an enemy brawler you will get a great damage boost for the next 10 seconds – in general that sounds really nice and helpful… but in reality it isn’t. Frank is not a killing machine and also easy to evade because he is sooooo slooooooow. I don’t think you will get many situations where you can actually use that damage boost so that’s why this is so low on the list.

#24 – Tara

taraTaras super is extremely strong but her Star Power will simply spawn a copy of her dealing some minor damage to oppnents. The Star Power don’t really adds any value for me because you will use her Star Power to clump up enemy brawlers and instantly take them down so there’s not much use for that extra copy that not even deals any much damage.

#25 – Crow

When you poison an enemy brawler he (or she) will deal 10% less damage to you. This is actually nothing than cosmetic in reality. Most brawlers will still take you down with or without that 10% so don’t bother too much about Crows’ Star Power.

#26 – Penny

Penny’s mortar will blast out several bombs to close brawlers that destroy the turret – sounds pretty badass because players will constantly hunt the mortar down but the damage is simply no strong enough to really make a difference (and I write that with the background of Penny being one of my favorite brawlers since the beginning)


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