Brawl Stars Tier List – Best Brawlers Per Game Mode

I really enjoy playing Brawl Stars – and lucky me, I already unlocked all brawlers in Brawl Stars – but now there’s a problem with that many choices!

What brawler is actually the best brawler? I can’t level up all brawler at the same time so I need to see which one I’m really using.

That’s why I was looking around for tier lists to see which one works best but I was quite disappointed after a short time – most tier lists are either outdated with the recent balance changes and others are simply listing brawlers without any further explanation.

That was a few weeks ago so I decided to work out one on my own that I like to share with you guys here. My main goals creating this tier list was not just giving you another list, no, I wanted to point out what ability will be helpful for every game mode and which brawler suits there well.

What I did was playing around 100 matches with each brawler in each game mode and note down the victories and losses and see which brawler has the best win rate. Luckily I have some friends playing the game as well so I was able to use their account to make sure that I only used a brawler that has the Star Power unlocked to give a result that will prove how good that brawler is.

What’s A Tier List?

According to ssbwiki, a tier list is…

“In gaming, a tier list is a list that ranks all characters in a game based on the strength of their fighting abilities, as well as their potential to win matches under tournament conditions, assuming players are of equal skill.”

So basically it’s the brawlers ranked from S-Tier (Supreme, the outstanding strong) over A- (very strong) and B-Tier to C-Tier (not useful).

What I Focused On In My Tier List Of Best Brawlers

When making my tier list for Brawl Stars, I did focus on these things primarily:

  1. Versatility in every single mode
  2. Stats, especially HP and damage
  3. Super Power & Star Power

This means a supportive brawler like Pam will be good in game modes that focus on team play and staying alive, just to give you one example.

So Why Is There No Single One Tier List?

Because it makes no sense to me. Why should I make a tier list where I say these 2-3 brawlers are the strongest just because the dominate some game modes but suck in others? It does make little sense here because many people get confused and think with the top S-Tier brawlers they will win most of the matches, but in some game modes this brawler is not good?

That’s why there’s a tier list for each game mode Brawl Stars offers and you can’t simply take one brawler for everything – you need to pick 2-3 brawlers that you will focus on.

The Best Brawlers Tier List

Now we will get straight into the list

best brawlers for gem grab

Best Brawler In Gem Grab

The most classical game mode in Brawl Stars is for sure Gem Grab. The challenge here is to hold and collect the gems while keeping the enemy team away from the core. So brawlers that have supportive abilities are great here as well as brawlers that can stay alive without having to hide far behind and still support the team (long range is really helpful here).


The Best brawlers here for sure Pam, Penny, Nita, Spike & Leon.

Pam is just extremely supportive with her area of healing that will be super-helpful in the core area getting an advantage over the other team while having a really long range herself that keeps her off the core of the fight as well and let her hold the gems for the team.

Penny is very powerful for the reason that she has a long range and when her bag of coins hit, it will open and hit targets close to the initial target. In a good situation you can just wipe out almost the whole other team with three placed shots in the center plus her mortar is really nasty when placed behind a wall forcing the enemies to make a move against it where you can take them down.

Nita is fast and really hard to shake off once she’s on your back dealing damage. She will just dominate whole regions and enemies like to keep away from her. Also her bear will start getting towards enemies that have a long range and is not easy to take down. Once you have her Star Power unlocked she and her bear will heal themselves up when hitting and making them just a super nasty team to deal with.

Leon is fast and can strike like a lightning from the shadows killing most enemies within seconds and then disappear again. This is very ugly to deal with when he always strikes from the back, especially with his super making him invincible and able to strike wherever and whenever he wants.

Spike is like Pam a character that will just frustrate the enemy team with damage over time and  shooting in all directions at the same time, making sure to hit practically anything.


For me that’s Poco, Barley, Brock & Bo.

Poco is dealing damage and healing at the same time which you won’t notice first when haven’t played him a couple of times. A good player with Poco has a perfect feeling how to use this ability and will make your life longer while still dealing damage on a good range. Especially moving back some steps and getting an extra heal is giving you an advantage over the enemy team.

Barley can hide in the back and fire over walls and still hit enemies which will be hard to deal with on many maps in Gem Grab. Also his flaming bottles will stay on the ground and deal additional damage when someone walk through it. With his super he can cover the gem spawning spot so the enemy team has to retreat for some time.

Brock works in Gem Grab quite similar. With his long range he can be a great gem storage while shooting rockets from the back outranging most enemies easily – when he uses his super, he can also cover the gem spawning spot and win it back for the team without even getting in range of any danger.

Bo has also a great range and decent hitpoints to not die in seconds and this makes him nasty to play against because he is not easy to kill and with the area damage actually harming your team a lot. Especially his super is also dangerous when placed right and can take out multi enemy brawlers at the same time

B-Tier & C-Tier

All other brawlers are not really worth playing in Gem Grab to be honest 😂

best brawlers for showdown

Best Brawler In Showdown

THE game mode for those who don’t like team play that much and it’s a last-one-survives mode.

Now with every brawler by himself, here a brawler that can make use of hiding in the grass and a strong super paired with good damage and hitpoints is better than one with supportive abilities, especially when it comes to the end, range is also not that helpful anymore and it’s all about hitting and dealing damage while staying alive.


The best brawlers for showdown are Rosa, Leon, Gene & Bull.

Rosa is the latest new brawler in Brawl Stars and a beast in showdown. She can hunt down any other brawler easily and once her shield is up it’s almost impossible to kill her in a 1-on-1 situation.

If you have her at a decent level you want to use her for showdown, especially solo showdown!

Leon is just perfect for this game mode because he can move faster than other brawlers and save himself out of some difficult situations and perfectly hiding in the tall grass and waiting for an opponent to come close and then fast as lightning taking him down. When his super is charged, he can walk through the whole map and take down a brawler he want without him even noticing what happened. For me for sure the strongest showdown brawler ever.

Gene is also really powerful because his flames will divide and spread into a larger area without even hitting anything (unlike Penny). His super is so strong that he can one-shot kill enemies with it and with the help of the tall grass he can make it to the Top 3 in every showdown match.

Bull is probably the most-used character in showdown and also extremely powerful. His damage on close range is insane and with the help of tall grass he cann really shot down an enemy in a second while he can survive a couple of hit without dying. His super can get him to an enemy through walls which is very helpful when enemies blocked you where you can’t get out.


Also good working here are El Primo, Nita & Crow.

El Primo works great due to his tons of hitpoints that make him hard to kill while he can deal massive damage and jump into spots where it gets bad for enemies. Especially in the late stage of the showdown on maps where the center is with a lot of tall grass he is pretty strong.

Nita also work good in showdown, but not as strong as the above ones because. Her bear is annoying to deal with but she has not a large range not that high damage output to hide effectively in the grass, however, her speed can be very helpful here and there.

Crow makes it on the list due to his speed and his ticking heal blocking strikes that come in a area effect and the fact that his super can make him switch positions on the map. When done right he is a very solid character but after all he has not the versatility of the above brawlers in showdown.

B-Tier & C-Tier

Don’t use other brawlers or you get roasted in showdown 😂

best brawlers for heist

Best Brawler In Heist

Heist is a more straightforward mode that doesn’t require that much tactic like Gem Grab. You “only” need to crush the enemies safe before they crush yours, so here are hitpoints and specials really what divides the brawlers between supreme and bad.


The best brawlers for heist are Bull, Barley & Dynamike.

Bull is for me the best brawler for heist, simply because he has some good damage and with so many heist maps that include much tall grass he can play his close-range damage well against opponents. You will always try to load his special and then make a straight run for the safe where you can crush through the outlining wall and fire a couple shots off from straight distance. Bull breaking through is the most dangerous thing that can happen in heist.

Barley is also really strong because his special afterburn will completely hit the safe and you can hit over the wall. This makes it very dangerous for the opponent team to handle. Also Barley can defend quite well when the enemies try to hit the safe but also walk through the fire and die faster.

Dynamike is similar to Barley with his ability to just throw dynamite over the wall to deal a lot of damage and for me he is also here on the supreme tier as well, although I prefer Barley and Bull over him a little bit.


Following up I have El Primo, Colt  & Penny.

El Primo is also strong because he can block the path to your own safe and slow down enemy heists while loading his super. Once the super is charged, he has enough hitpoints to break through and hit the safe hard a couple of times. He’s not as strong as Bull here because he won’t deal damage on his path to the safe.

Colt is also strong in heist because his super can hit the safe from a distance and also break through the ball without him having to walk the whole distane to the safe. This of course makes only sense when you have broken the wall around the safe with Bull or El Primo, that’s why he’s not in the S-Tier.

Penny can be strong as well, especially keeping enemies busy and randomly hitting them with her mortar. When it comes to dealing damage to the safe, she’s not that great but she is working well when defending your own territory and keeping the enemy busy.

best brawlers for bounty

Best Brawlers In Bounty

Bounty is a game that goes back and forth and not every brawler that can take out other brawlers is good here. You can take out five or six but when you get killed all your bounty moves over to the enemy team and this can turn a match. So especially range paired with a suitable super (say that 3 times in a row 😂 ) is helpful.


The best brawlers here are Brock, Piper, Leon & Penny.

Brock can collect so many bounty stars with his range and especially his super that can wipe out an enemy team. His long range will make sure that you don’t have to get too close into a trouble area and randomly shoot into the tall grass in hope to strike.

Piper is also very strong due to her extraordinary range and her super can get her out of a lot of trouble, especially when you collected some bounty you don’t want to pass over to the enemy team. They just will chase you but it’s hard to actually catch you.

Leon is again the sneaky killer here hiding in the grass and making fast ambushes at enemies. With his speed, he is able to get out of trouble areas fast and his special let him disappear to save the collected bounty when there’s a brawler at his back.

Penny is herself working great in the closer areas when striking enemies but her real benefit that make her on top of the list is her mortar. Place it in a secure spot and you will see how it will score bounties for you and the enemy team will be really angry so you only need to wait until someone makes an attempt to take your mortar out and take them out. This will charge your super and you can place a new mortar right away.


Following up are Ricochet, Darryl & Dynamike.

They are all strong as well but that is primarily because of their range and I really recommend you to use one of the above brawlers.

best brawler in brawl ball

Best Brawler In Brawl Ball

In Brawl Ball things can get chaotic and here you need a brawler that is able to change the game to your fortune by clearing the path and scoring the goal.


The best brawlers here are Tara, El Primo & Spike.

Tara is without any doubt the most powerful brawlers to use in Brawl Ball. You need to have the patience to wait for the right time to use your super, but when activating it correctly you can just wipe out a whole enemy team and score the ball in the empty goal. It’s insane how good that works in a solid team and when you know what you’re doing.

El Primo is also good because he can handle some hits easily and also clear the path to the enemy goal for someone else to score the goal for your team. Simply jump and see all path just cleared but his slow speed and distance will make it hard for him to keep up with faster brawlers, still one of the best options you can use.

Spike is also devastating to use for the enemy team with his area damage and also slow down area of effect of his super he is a great brawler to just keep the enemy team busy until your team is in the right position to make an attempt on the goal.


Following up are Mortis, Bull & Frank.

Mortis used to be better until Supercell nerfed him down, but his rushing towards enemies make him still very uncomfortable for the enemy team and keeps them busy and distracted from the gameplay your team is starting.

Bull is here on the list because is also one of the brawlers useful for Brawl Ball. However, his real use here is using his ability to clear the path for the goal and with the right skill you can sometimes pick up the ball and straight run with it for the goal.

Frank is also good to use with the right team setup. He’s slow but he can stun enemies with his super that can help scoring the goal in the right situations. Be prepared to coordinate well with your team to make use of his super!

All other brawlers are not really working in Brawl Ball.

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