Brawl Stars Hacks & Life Hacks Review

I have been testing the most popular cheats and hacks for Brawl Stars to show you which ones work and which ones do not.

There are tons of people out there, maybe like you, looking for cheats or hacks in Brawl Stars that make your life easier.

On the other side, there are a ton of cheats, hacks and life hacks to be found.

This made me do this review where I actually tried all of them myself and tell you which one is useful, which one works and which one is actually nothing more than a lie.

In the first half of this review, you’ll see some life hacks that you can use in Brawl Stars and that are perfectly fine to use as they are inside the game and anyone can use them (if they know about it) – in the second part you will find some hacks that are not inside the game and that are against fair play and might even get your account into trouble.

Life Hacks in Brawl Stars – Make Sure To Use Them

Here are only the hacks that use the game mechanics and are completely legal to use – I call them “life hacks”

Life Hack #1 – Gem Grab Timing

If you play Gem Grab, you will early notice that hanging around at the spawning point of the gems will put you on an open table – that’s why many teams have one long-ranged brawler that will collect the gems and then stay in the distance to not give them away easily.

glowing gem spot

You can always see when a new gem is spawning when the gem spot starts glowing, this will help you to time when to go in the area of action and get the gem instead of hanging around in the place where you are an easy target. Always look after that glowing.

Life Hack #2 – Cancel Your Super

When you charged up your super and then suddenly see that the situation changed (or you’re almost dead), you might think that using the super right now is pretty much a waste – but you already aiming with your super?

life hack to cancel super in brawl stars

Well, good news, you can save your super by simply dragging it back to the initial aiming spot and release to not shoot it and use it later.

Life Hack #3 – Enemy Super Charged

You can actually see when your enemies have their super charged and could use them – knowing this is extremely helpful and a life hack that can save your life in Brawl Stars.

Always watch out when the enemy brawler will get a yellow circle around his brawler like that:

see super activated hack

When you look at the Bull and Brock here, you see the yellow circle, so always look out for:

  • Star below their brawler means their super is charged and ready to be used
  • Yellow Circle means they are right now aiming with their super or using it

So adapt and stay away from them or be prepared that they are about to use their super – so you can get out of an area or away from them before they will actually use it.

Life Hack #4 – Additional Sight

Due to the perspective of the game, you are able to see a little further to the top than to the bottom.

Normally that doesn’t matter because in most game modes the view is mirrored and you will always play from bottom to top… except for showdown!

showdown more sight hack

In showdown, every player has the same view so you should start staying in the bottom area because this gives you a better sight and you can see brawlers on top that don’t see you ????

Life Hack #5 – Token Doubler

Token are quite limited in Brawl Stars and they are the only way to improve your brawlers without spending real money. You should always focus on getting as much token double active as possible because this will double your daily process.

Also, token doubler is by far more valuable to get with gems than anything else. You cat 1000 additional token for 50 Gems, that’s woth a Mega Box that normally costs you 80 Gems. I have also some more info about boxes here that you should check out:

Now it’s time to look at the other side of the hacks.

Cheats & Hacks in Brawl Stars – Caution

One word of caution first, these here are against all kinds of fair play and using 3rd party tools that are not allowed in Brawl Stars. For educational uses only.

Hack #1 – Gem Generators

These generators are all over the place and you can find them pretty much anywhere out there, in case you want to try yourself). They will ask you to insert your player name and how many Gems, Coins, Tickets etc. you want. Then they apparently establish a connection and in the last step you need to download a free app or sign up with your email to show them you’re not a bot.

brawl stars 99999 gems

They look all pretty promising and often times come with videos that show proof that they’re working. I personally wasn’t able to actually get them to work but maybe you have more luck…

Please note, I will not name or give out links to any of the following bots because I don’t want to promote cheating…

Hack #2 – Aimbot

There are several aimbots hacks out there, basically mods to use with Brawl Stars. What they do is improving the auto-aim shooting in the game to not target where your opponent stands but also take into calculation where your opponent is moving. The regular auto-aiming is pretty useless on enemy brawlers that move so the aimbot will check in which direction your opponent walks and adjust the auto shooting – in reality, this is the simpler version of what you will do with manually aiming.

brawl stars aim bot

I personally found that this works for low trophy ranges quite alright but in the medium to high trophy ranges the enemies simply change their direction very often to dodge manual aiming shots and that’s where this hack will not help that much after all.

Hack #3 – Super Vision

This indeed is a really unfair hack because you got to see enemy brawler in tall grass even when you shouldn’t see them – an advantage that nobody can’t deny.

brawl stars super vision hack

You can straight walk towards them and they normally don’t even know you’re using this because they can’t see you in the tall grass and just think it’s a coincidence.

Hack #4 – Farming Bots

Normally in shooting multiplayer games a bot that will automatically farm you matches make little sense because they lack of human intelligence. In Brawl Stars such bots can actually work in the lower ranges because player are not good and there’s an auto-aiming that works fairly enough to stand at least a small chance.

Bottom line I wouldn’t recommend them as they can farm but with the limited tokens you get every day and the fact that they can’t win once you’re in higher trophy ranges makes them rather useless than playing some matches yourself that you win.



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