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  • brawl stars fix lag

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    How To Fix Lag (Bad Connection) In Brawl Stars

    One of the most frustrating things that can happen in Brawl Stars is lag! If you don’t know what I mean, it’s when you’re not able to really move or shoot because the red connection icon pops up telling you that your connection is to slow. In this short guide I want to show you […]

  • brawl stars tick guide


    Brawl Stars Tick Guide

    If you like throwers, Tick will be your choice and he’s a good condidate for taking the thrower’s crown, although he is one of the newer brawlers in Brawl Stars. In this guide I want to show you some cool things you can do with him and how you play him right in common situations […]

  • brawl stars crow guide


    Brawl Stars Crow Guide

    Crow is one of the few legendary brawlers in Brawl Stars and has some real individual things to mind when playing him – that’s why I wanted to write a full guide about him for quite some time (but it took me a while to unlock him). So, instead of listing you just some raw […]

  • brawl stars star power



    Star Power Guide – How To Unlock & Which Ones Are The Best

    The Star Power is the last piece to make a brawler as strong as possible, enhancing the brawler with a permanent bonus. Some Star Power are very useful and will make your brawler a lot better compared to the same level brawler that hasn’t got the Star Power – while others aren’t that useful. In […]

  • brawl stars star points guide



    Star Points In Brawl Stars – How To Get Them Faster

    With Star Points, Brawl Stars introduced a whole new system that mainly focus those players that play in the higher trophy range and looking for long-term motivation other than climbing the ladder as high as possible. In this guide I’d like to show you all you need to know about Star Points plus some tips […]

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    Brawl Stars Tara Guide

    Tara is one of the most complex brawlers in Brawl Stars and I had quite a tough start with her, to be honest. Nevertheless I did invest some time to play her more and more and with every match I played, I started liking her more and more. Now it’s time for me to wrap […]

  • brawl stars bibi guide

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    Brawl Stars Bibi Guide

    Bibi is one of the latest brawlers introdued in Brawl Stars and she’s a real beauty to play, strong in most game modes when played right – and this is why I wrote this guide, to tell you how to play her at the most effective level. In most guides out there you find some […]

  • brawl stars matchmaking


    Brawl Stars Matchmaking – How To Avoid Unfair Matches

    Do you ever feel that you constantly see teams or opponents in Brawl Stars that are a lot stronger than you? Well, Brawl Stars is a game that primarily focus in human versus human gameplay and this means that matchmaking is a very central component of the game – it handles which teams or opponents […]

  • brawl stars balance changes


    Brawl Stars Balance Changes

    Every one two two months, we see some balance changes in Brawl Stars and I always will give you some more information how these changes will affect the single brawlers as well as the whole meta in Brawl Stars. Normally, Supercell will take a look at the brawlers that have the highest win rate and […]