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  • brawl stars rosa guide


    Brawl Stars Rosa Guide

    The first new brawler added to Brawl Stars in 2019 is Rosa and she is a beast. You will not find many guides out there covering Rosa so I decided to write this one after having the chance to play for some time recently. You won’t find her pure stats in this guide as I […]

  • brawl stars leon guide


    Brawl Stars Leon Guide

    Leon is the most powerful brawler in Brawls Stars, at least if you ask around in the community – even considering the latest nerfs he got. If you have been lucky enough to pull him, you can are really fortunate because he will make your life so much easier. When I pulled him a couple […]

  • star token in brawl stars


    Star Token Farming in Brawl Stars

    Everybody wants Star Token in Brawl Stars. You only need 10 of them for a Big Box that is worth 3 Brawl Boxes. However, Supercell limited the amount you can get per day to a maximum of 4 Star Token. ???? That’s a fact that you can’t overcome, no matter what you do. Every day […]

  • brawl stars carl guide


    Brawl Stars Carl Guide

    Carl is, for me, one of the most interesting brawlers and with the right strategy viable as hell. I have been lucky enough to have it pulled early after he got released. And here comes the point – I haven’t found much out there in terms of a guide how to use him so I […]

  • mortis guide brawl stars


    Brawl Stars Mortis Guide

    Mortis puts brawlers in coffins if you know how to play him. He is one of the most complex brawlers to play but can be extremely interesting to play if you don’t like just walking into trouble and spamming shots. I pulled him some time ago and didn’t really find that much guide out there […]

  • brawl stars spike guide


    Brawl Stars Spike Guide

    In the current meta, Spike is probably one of the best three brawlers in Brawl Stars and if you’re lucky enough to already pulled him, you can consider yourself lucky on one hand but also you’re at the beginning of learning how to play him correctly, something that is not that easy. Most of the […]

  • brawl stars poco guide


    Brawl Stars Poco Guide

    So you pulled Poco and wonder how to play him? I know, I know, there are like one dozen of sites out there that tell you “super Poco strategy guide” and so on, but somehow you landed here, right? Well, I know that. When I was starting out playing Brawl Stars I have been seeing […]